Vows Renewal

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I believe that every milestone is deserving of being celebrated with an event that is truly inspiring.

With your wishes at the top of my list, matched with fun and romantic approach, I’m able to lay down beautiful designs, spreadsheets and more to keep the planning vibes productive and flowing.

Vows Renewal is a way for couples to commemorate a love that has deepened in time and proclaim how lucky they are to have found happiness.

As well as being a ceremony meant to be reliving the happiest day of your life, it will create new memories, make new promises for your life together, going forward.

Some couples renew their vows on a special anniversary, after overcoming something big in their relationship, a milestone or it being a romantic way to celebrate their love for each other again, and why not, another excuse to eat more wedding cake ;)

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There are no strict rules, you can have a ceremony and reception, or either one of them.

Other couples choose to have the same ceremony for their anniversary as their original wedding, led by a celebrant, or just exchange new vows, full of new meanings.

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The beauty of it is that it can be just like a wedding, if you want, with less rules to follow, so it’s up to you what the ceremony should be like:

some couples love a photographer to capture the event, a group of friends to witness it; others just love to combine their Renewal of Vows with a vacation, elope somewhere romantic and intimate, more like a destination wedding.

If you’re thinking about celebrating your anniversary , feel free to get in touch , I’m really happy to be able to help.

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