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Hi there! I’m Roberta, founder of Roberta Plans Your Day.

I’m Italian, Sicilian to be precise: I’m very proud of my origins because Sicily it’s home to unique melting pot of cultures, especially in regards to arts, cuisine, architecture and music.

I moved to London in 2006, because I’ve always been attracted by London and all the things it has to offer.

Such a vibrant modern city, rich of history where the ever-changing flow of people and trends always keeps me inspired.

From Sicily I bring with me heart-warming hospitality and passion for charming details.

I can’t really stay away from it for too long and I try to whenever I have the chance, for leisure as well as for work.

Few facts about me.

I haven’t always been a wedding planner, I used to work in healthcare: I’ve been a pharmacist for 17 years, having worked in Italy first, then in UK, mainly in London, where I chose to lay my roots.

In Italy I’ve worked all over the country, from Sicily to Lombardy, from Urbino to Lucca, Modena, Rome and beautiful Roman Castles area.

I enjoyed working in healthcare, but my real passions have always involved creativity.

So, at some point, I realized I should listen to my heart and pursue what makes me happy, which is creating stylish wedding designs.

Now some funny facts:

I have an obsession for flamingos and succulent plants;

I love cooking and baking , I find them therapeutic and you can unleash your creative side;

I’m always in search of stand-up comedians, either live shows or on the web;

I have trypophobia...if you google it, and see the images,... you now might have it too! Sorry !


T: (+44) 207 473 6624

M: (+44) 787 809 9744

For your convenience I am able to meet you at your office, home or agreed venue.

RPYD approach