Meet Roberta

Roberta plans your day Bespoke luxury wedding planner

I’m Roberta - the girl behind this one-woman wedding show.

Born in Italy, I started to travel with my family quite young and when I visited London for the first time I loved it so much I knew I was going to move here one day.

So I kept coming back to experience “living” as a Londoner, more than simply being a tourist.

I grew up inspired by Italian heart-warming hospitality and passion for charming design details, eating a lot of pizza and obsessed with events. It started when I was ten, with my older cousin wedding. From there, I was hooked. I just love it all– the details, the creativity, the couples, their stories.


In 2006 I’ve layed my roots in London and I’ve embraced both worlds: an Italian background, with a great passion for design and creative flair and strong British cultural influence and professionalism.

Now I’m here running the business I’ve always dreamed of. And I’m so looking forward to sharing my passion with you and get into this this journey together!

Now some funny facts:

I have an obsession for flamingos and succulent plants;

I love cooking and baking , I find them therapeutic and you can unleash your creative side;

I’m always in search of stand-up comedians, either live shows or on the web;

I have trypophobia...if you google it, and see the images,... you now might have it too! Sorry !


T: (+44) 207 473 6624

M: (+44) 787 809 9744